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Aura Cannabis

In a marketplace overflowing with antiquated cannabis stereotypes, Aura stands out as a lifestyle brand for confident, empowered customers looking for the highest quality cannabis. Aura offers a fresh approach to cannabis with four unique profiles—Blaze, Roar, Cosmic, and Flare—designed for customers to learn more about the effects so they can personalize their experience based on individual goals. Each profile comes to life through vibrant colors, specialized printing, and premium materials, inviting the customer to make a deeper connection with the products inside.


Your life, enhanced.

While Aura is cultivated for a variety of modern cannabis users, the brand is primarily focused on women over 21, which comprises a large portion of cannabis use, but is largely an un-targeted segment. Instead of promoting the potency of the cannabis, Aura strives to connect the audience with the sophisticated and relaxing experience cannabis can provide. The logo, color palette, cannabis profiles, and packaging celebrate the restorative benefits of cannabis and present it as a tool for life enhancement.


Four color and taste profiles across physical and digital touchpoints.

Based on each flavor profile, the color palettes are unified through materials, print finishes, and graphic expressions. The Aura logo is bold, emotional, and distinctive. The logo mark suggests an uplifting movement from an artistic brush stroke. The positive and negative space communicates both energy and calmness, which represents the wide array of products and their effects. The color palette is both functional as product line color codes and emotional as an abstraction for the effects.


Tactile, warm, and bold, both satisfying to open and beautiful while resting on a coffee table.

The family of packages consists of glass jars, boxes, cartons, and pouches, including an innovative sliding box that unfolds to reveal pre-rolls in their own compartments. The four effects have distinct yet related color palettes unified across sturdy structures with textured paper and gold foil printing. Overlapping to create new shades of the same color, biomorphic energy clouds flow across the packages, representing the exceptional moment when the customer and product combine to create something new. The packaging elevates a ritual experience, inviting customers to enhance the moment and add magic to their lives.


The photographs were paired with product and bud descriptions, additional lifestyle photography, and company information to create a simple, user-friendly website. While customers cannot purchase Aura cannabis directly from the site, they can dive deeper into the four profiles and use the store locator tool to find the closest dispensaries with Aura products. Ultimately, the site aims to dispel common misconceptions and inform customers of the restorative benefits of cannabis.


Once the packages were produced, we styled physical sets for each Aura profile. A single muted color served as a backdrop for the packages to interact with an array of rocks, minerals, dried flowers, wood, and moss. The resulting photographs capture the effects in their natural habitat, further developing the brand’s narrative and helping customers connect with the profile characteristics.