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Hyphen helps you enjoy the moment on your own terms. This California cannabis company grows only world-class, organic cannabis from the finest strains. Sustainable from the growing practices to the packaging, the brand raises the bar high above industry standards. Hyphen offers a variety of cannabis-based products, including flower, pre-rolls, and infused edibles.


Rooted in the clouds.

Haptik developed a brand identity inspired by the weightless experience of floating through the clouds. With a hot air balloon, the user is in control, ascending and descending at a comfortable speed. Framed within the product color, a view from the balloon is printed on each package. It’s a window into the suspended moment users travel to when enjoy Hyphen.


Hyphen is the first cannabis brand to utilize the Zenlock system, the first all-paper solution in child-resistant packaging. The rigid box interior is wrapped with premium, lithographic-printed paper with a special UV pattern. This subtle coating gives the package texture atop bold, high-contrast colors chosen for each effect and strain. Every Hyphen box is fully recyclable in most curbside programs.