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KATRIS is a system of all-paper modular scratching shapes that function as cat and human furniture. The KATRIS sets rearrange in each new habitat, providing constantly evolving worlds for feline adventures. The shapes offer an element of play for humans too, encouraging exploration of form and environment. With overnight success in the cat-loving community, KATRIS is the only furniture pursuing premium quality for both cats and their human friends.


After our initial product ideas, we conducted a detailed study of all mainstream pet shopping platforms and channels. We learned that customers value eco-friendly materials, and their cats end up choosing ordinary objects like cardboard boxes as their favorite toys. The primary material—corrugated cardboard—has a robust supply chain in Southeast Asia and is perfect for cats and strong enough for human furniture. We tapped into our packaging expertise and connections to create a simple yet versatile line of products.


KATRIS is built on discovery, play, and the special relationship between cats and humans.

Just like the towering creations our customers build, the wordmark is made up of only rectangles and squares. These shapes can be configured in endless combinations, which often come to life as patterns throughout the website and physical collateral. Bright turquoise, gray, and black comprise the main color palette, and secondary colors and patterns are printed on the Modular Cat Tree.


Made from the same recycled corrugated cardboard as the products.

We applied our package engineering knowledge to create a streamlined packaging system. Minimal yet distinct, the shipping boxes secure KATRIS parts without unnecessary plastic or bubble wrap. The Modular Cat Tree comes assembled, and the customer has the option to choose if their Nest comes assembled or in pieces for a fun building project.


Leading with the building block KATRIS logo and a clean white background, the homepage loads to a peaceful cat enjoying the KATRIS Nest. The brand’s blue-green color is used as the main color throughout the website. Throughout the e-commerce site, photos show various interactions and usage scenarios between cats, people, and the products. Focusing on the special relationship between cats, humans, and the worlds they build together, the site explains the benefits of KATRIS products while educating humans about feline behavior and cat ownership.

digital content

KATRIS photography features cats and humans playing and living in their natural habitat. The images are bright and familiar as cats explore KATRIS products integrated into the domestic environment. The line between cat scratcher and modern furniture is blurred as the cat bounds across a KATRIS shape, a spontaneous moment of playfulness in an otherwise normal day. Playing, exploring, scratching, or sleeping, KATRIS provides the accessory for every feline moment.