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Olive Oil Jones

Olive Oil Jones

Olive Oil Jones delivers fresh, geographically specific olive oils harvested from all over the Mediterranean. To keep the oil as fresh as possible before delivery, Olive Oil Jones doesn’t bottle the oil until the customer orders it. Haptik worked with the company to develop a clever and sustainable system that not only prevents the bottles from breaking while in transit, but also saves time and money.


Solving an age-old packaging problem for the world’s freshest olive oil.

What’s the most efficient and sustainable way to ship a glass bottle using nothing but cardboard? It’s the quintessential packaging design challenge; there are even competitions for the best glass bottle box. Due to the company’s specific situation and requirements, Olive Oil Jones presented Haptik with a unique opportunity to design compact and durable boxes for multiple bottle sizes.

After multiple iterations and ISTA safety tests, we developed two main corrugated features specifically designed for glass bottles filled with olive oil or vinegar. The 1- and 2-liter bottle boxes support the goods using a triangular cradle and circular cut air pockets to allow for sight vertical movement. For the 250ml tasting bottles, we cut bottle-shaped inserts inside layers of corrugated cardboard.

All packages are constructed with only corrugated cardboard, white glue, soy-based ink, and cotton cloth handles. The new design helps Olive Oil Jones significantly cut down on the fulfillment process, enabling a single person to assemble and pack an order in just a few minutes.


Focusing on delivering a premium culinary experience.

Olive Oil Jones had figured out the formula for providing the world’s freshest olive oil, but their packaging was holding them back. We ditched the single sheet of open-flute corrugated cardboard for a new system balancing protection and presentation. Fulfillment is much smoother, too. Photographs and GIFs document this improved fulfillment process while focusing on design details like cloth straps, printed inserts, structural engineering.