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After the devastation of the COVID-19 pandemic, the Puglia media department was searching for a way to reintroduce the one of Italy’s most beautiful regions to the world. They needed something that would capture the aromas, flavors, and culture Puglia is known for. A dynamic media campaign can go far, but there’s nothing like experiencing a taste of what Puglia has to offer.


Discovering an Italian destination one sensory packaging experience at a time.

Located on the heel of the boot in southern Italy, Puglia is a beautiful region known for its vast turquoise-blue coastline, untouched architecture, and vibrant arts & culture. The local economy relies on tourism, welcoming travelers from all over the world throughout the year. In collaboration with the Quabb creative agency, we created A Week in Puglia, an advent calendar-style package filled with products unique to the Puglia region.

The sustainable corrugate packages contain five days of Puglia products: an aroma decanter for Monday, olive oil and candle for Tuesday, wine for Wednesday, pasta for Thursday, and ceramics for Friday. Recipients learn about the history and origin of each product via a preloaded tablet screen included in the box. Sent to media outlets all over the world, A Week in Puglia successfully reminded travelers why Italy’s hidden gem is so special.


Simone Lacono’s abstract topographical landscapes span each surface as guests wander from one Puglia delight to the next. The product and packaging photos highlight these designs as recipients unbox each day of the journey. During an uncertain period, A Week in Puglia was created to remind travelers of—and introduce future first-time visitors to—one of Italy’s most enchanting regions; a weighty request for a single package. The photographs elevate the experience of a virtual-physical excursion by focusing on the thoughtful design details and rich information.